About us

Alsalam Logistics and Consultancy Ltd is fully fledged private Ugandan Company, Incorporated in 2007. The company was formed to provide man power services in various sectors including but not limited to; security guard services, recruitment, training and marketing of human labour force in engineering, manufacturing, mining and provision general services with various skills.
The company is legally functional and fully licensed by Ministry of Labour, External Employment Unit (EEU) with a licence Number EE2007009, having met the requirements of the provisions of Uganda Employment Regulations, 2005 (Recruitment of Ugandan Migrant Workers Abroad).
The company operates and maintains cordial relationship with the Commissioner of Labour under the Ministry of Gender, Labour and Social Development especially External Employment Unit (EEU) and other organizations both in the Labour and Services sector, National Security Council of the government of Uganda.

Labour and Business research
Labour related counseling services
Market analysis
Labour needs assessment
Interviewing and staff recruitment
Labour Policy formulations and analysis.
Human Resource Management.
Management, Research and Development

Labour planning and management
Assistance in labour management of public services and private organizations
Technical assistance to human resource acquisition and owning
Labour forecast projections.

Public administration and management of the human resource
Training in Security services
Employer-employee ethics and ethical concerns
Environmental issues and labour laws.
Human health and conditions of living at the workplace.
Office support
Employers – employees relation and customer care
Staff Development Project (Programmes)
Human Resource mobilization and management.

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